また本クラスを主宰する修剛会は、公益財団法人 全日本空手道連盟に加盟する一般財団法人 全日本空手道松涛館に所属していますので、同連盟の公認段位審査を受審することも可能です。
  公益財団法人 全日本空手道連盟
  一般財団法人 全日本空手道松涛館






(1) I don't have any experience in karate, is it okay?

In the past, most of the employed person who joined our class were inexperienced.
You can do the basics from scratch.


(2) I'm a woman, so I'm worried if I can keep up with practice.

Female instructors are stationed invariably in the classroom, and the purpose of this class is to make the students sweat and refresh themselves as much as possible so that they can be healthier both mentally and physically.
Therefore, there is no need to worry, as we do not practice like a Jock.

(3) Karate has a dangerous image. Do you strike directly to the tiles or the others?

This class practices in accordance with the traditional karate school of “Shotokan-ryu karate”.
Therefore, it is a non-contact rule and does not hit the opponent directly.
However, karate is also a martial art, so practice to hit the mitt with a punch or kick.
Unfortunately, I have never seen anyone cracking tiles at our karate society.


(4) Can I practice from the day I join?

If you submit the necessary documents, you can participate in the practice as it is.
(Please bring necessary expenses, some extra clothes, towels, etc.)


(5) Do I have to participate every time?

Please participate at your own pace. We don't mind attending late because of work or company reasons.


(6) Can I become a black belt if I try hard?

First, try grasping the pace of practice in the book class.
In order to become a black belt, it is necessary to be judged by the promotion to class of color belt (called in Japanese “kyuu”) and promotion to class of black belt (called in Japanese “dan”) of the school you belong to.
When a member of shuugoukai karate society is promoted to the first grade and passes the promotion exam, he or she is certified as the first dan rank (black belt).
If you would like to take such examination for the promotion, please apply to become a regular member of shuugoukai karate society.
You can take the promotion exam twice a year.

Shugokai karate society, which presides over this class, is a member of the All Japan Karatedo Shotokan, a general incorporated foundation affiliated with the All Japan Karatedo Federation, so it is also possible to undergo an official black belt examination by the Federation.


(7) Can I become stronger the street fighting?

It is not in line with the purpose of opening this class, so we recommend looking for other karate dojo where you can do full-fledged fighting training.
However, if you master this class over a long period of time, I think you will be able to strong both physically and mentally.